2017-2018 Friday Elective Schedule and Course List

Below is our complete schedule for Friday classes and course details. We want to allow the students to choose which classes they would like to take each hour. Please look over the schedule and course details and help your student make a decision on which classes best suit them.

Once their decisions has been made, please register your student for the classes selected. 

Please note that students can only attend one class (A or B) an hour. Students will not be allowed to switch classes after the start of the year.

Students MUST be registered by August 2nd.

Class A

Graphic Design

A course in Graphic Arts Technology provides students with an understanding of the processes and systems common to careers in publishing, printing, and other forms of media distribution. Representative topics include graphic design concepts; art and copy preparation; image generation and editing; desktop publishing; on-demand publishing; school yearbook and magazine layout; advertising and promotion; printing technology; binding and finishing; and screen printing.

Students will be committed to lifelong learning as they grow individually, participate in groups, think analytically, create artistic products, and contribute to production of a major project. Students will use free design programs such as Canva to create projects that will be printed in traditional and digital formats.

Class Requirements: Personal Laptop to have in class each day, Gmail account (School Provided), and Google Drive Account

 Mobile Photography

This course introduces students to the basics of photography as a way to communicate ideas emphasizing content, composition, and technique. With the use of a cell phone (or any mobile device), students learn to create, edit and critique images.

Most of us now capture images using our cell phones. Cell phone technology has reached a point where the creativity has been put back in the hands of the photographer and is no longer a simple point-and-shoot process. In this course students will learn the fundamentals of composition, lighting, black and white, color, and more. We’ll look at the camera phone as a photographic tool and they will create a photo-based portfolio to showcase their images and engage in peer critiques. Student photos will also be featured on LWCA’s social media pages, as well as be used in the LWCA Yearbook.

Class Requirements: Cell Phone, Gmail account (School Provided), and Google Drive Account, One time $15 charge for the purchase of the book that the class is based off of.

Yearbook (9th-12th)

This class has been designed to provide students with design skills and the ability to apply those skills to the actual production of the yearbook. Units of study include teamwork, responsibility, brainstorming, content, coverage, concept, reporting, writing, headlines, captions, editing, photography, typography, design, graphics, and distribution. Actual work results in the current volume of the school’s yearbook. The publication strives to maintain a tradition of excellence in which the school and the community can take pride.

Class Requirements: Personal Laptop to have in class each day, Gmail account (School Provided), and Google Drive Account.  




Engineering students will be creating items from a blimp, to a robot, to objects with moving parts. They will learn the science behind these projects. 

Class Requirements: Student will be required to bring items weekly to class






Intro to Coding

Coding is what makes it possible for us to create computer software, apps and websites. Your browser, your OS, the apps on your phone, Facebook, and this website – they're all made with code. The course starts with an explanation on the benefits of learning coding. The students will find out what they will be able to do once they know how to work with code. Then, they will get a deeper understanding of how coding works, and how the code they write gets converted into an instruction that a computer can ‘understand’. The class will be taught via Codecademy, a web based program, that allows each student to work on their own computer and write their own code.

Class Requirements: Personal Laptop to have in class each day, Gmail account (School Provided)

Class B

Creative Writing


This course will introduce you to the skills and tools needed for the creative writer. We will explore writing three genres: poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction. This is a process course, so there will be much experimental work in class and a variety of assignments to get you to try new things. Emphasis will be placed on discussion, re-visioning your work, and class critiques. Class critiques will be structured and uplifting as to create an open atmosphere for creativity. Elements discussed will include transitions, vocabulary, plot, character development and much more.

Class Requirements: Personal Laptop to have in class each day, Gmail account (School Provided), and Google Drive Account.  A separate journal for brainstorming is recommended, but not a requirement.                                                                              



Students will have hands-on experience in the process of producing a newspaper. A weekly press will be sent out. The students are responsible for gathering the information, writing, and editing their pieces. Every week, each student will be responsible for a different section of the newspaper. Cooperation with the photography class will be a requirement wherein students will learn the concept of interdepartmental communication. Assignments are to be completed during the week and presented for final editing in class on Fridays. Students will receive a “press badge” to wear when interviewing within the school.

Class Requirements: Personal Laptop to have in class each day, Gmail account (School Provided), and Google Drive Account


Beginner Spanish (7th-8th)

This class is designed for middle school only. It will serve as a foundation for high school Spanish. Students will gain basic knowledge of vocabulary, sentence structure, and communication. Objective one is to acquire the ability to read and write basic Spanish sentences. Objective two is to create basic oral-communication with correct grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. There will be out-of-class assignments and projects.

Class Requirements: Students will need a notebook and Flash Cards



Debate Team

Students will learn invaluable skills in the areas of speaking, thinking, organization, research and writing within this course. Students learn to support two or more sides of a controversial question. Beginning students are encouraged to develop leadership, teamwork, cooperation and dependability. The concept of persuasive writing will also be discussed. Students will participate in casual classroom debate as well as simulated tournament debate. Speech and presentation will be emphasized. Out of class assignments will be research focused, therefore internet access at home is a requirement.

Class Requirements: Personal Laptop to have in class each day, Gmail account (School Provided), and Google Drive Account. Internet Access at home



Students will learn techniques surrounding varying media. Primary focus will be drawing. Each student will be allowed freedom of creativity during the classroom assignments, but weekly sketchbook assignments will be structured. Techniques will include shading, perspective, realism, and much more. Students will work with multi-media including pencils, charcoal, pastels, and paint. Students will be required to have a sketchbook and drawing-pencil set. Any other media required will be provided. Additional media desired by student for out of class assignments will need to be purchased separately.

Class Requirements: Students will be required to have a sketchbook and drawing-pencil set. Additional media desired by student for out of class assignments will need to be purchased separately.



The entire Middle and High School will participate in the class: This will include every aspect of the filmmaking process. Areas of study include screenwriting, directing, producing, key grip, lighting, effects, and acting. As an all-inclusive class, it will have something for everyone. The first semester will deal primarily with learning each role of the filmmaking process. Students are encouraged to find aspects that interest them on a personal level. Second semester will be more of a production workshop in which students will decide their preferred roles, break into teams and create their own short film. Each team will be responsible for writing, acting, filming and editing their own pieces. A computer with video editing software as well as a camera for filming will be provided.

Class cost: Cost of this elective will be $20 (one time fee) to cover usage of equipment.

Impact Team (optional)

The Objectives of the Impact Team are to Learn responsibility, Develop a desire to help those in need, Develop a desire to serve on community levels and international levels. Student’s must be on the A/B Honor Roll and/or above average citizenship qualities. Active students will receive a membership card, t-shirt and certificate. Active students serving with 25 hours or more of service will be recognized at the end of the year ceremonies. We will have meetings one Monday a month from 3:30 - 4:00. Some meetings will be longer depending on the activity at that time. Parents will be notified if the meetings will run longer.

Class cost: Cost of this club is a one time fee of $20