Lunch Menu

Living Word Christian Academy offers lunch 5 days a week. Cost is $4-$5 per day, depending on the menu for that day. Lunch may be paid for in the classroom each morning or billed monthly. Snacks may be purchased for 50¢ - 75¢ and juices, water, soft drinks may be purchased for 50¢. These charges may be paid daily or billed monthly. It is suggested that snacks & lunches be paid for on a weekly basis. Login to your Parents Web account if you wish to pre-order lunches,snacks, or drinks for your child. Charges are billed after pre-ordered items are received.

Additional Purchases

Daily Snack Options

String Cheese - 50¢

Gogurt - 50¢

Fruit Snacks - 50¢

White Cheddar Popcorn - 75¢

Oreo Cookies - 75¢

Additional Sides | Side $1-$2

Ramen Noodle Cup | French Fries | Corn Dog | Mac & Cheese Cups

Additional Drinks | Drinks $.50

Capri Sun | Chocolate Milk | Coke (5th and up) | Sprite (3rd and up) | Water