Elementary Daily Electives

Kindergarten-6th Grades


Students have Chapel every Friday morning


Students will learn many skills in this class. These skills not only include singing, but also include how to perform, listen, and describe music. 


Students in grades K5-6th will have a weekly age appropriate art lesson.

Move It Dance Class

This is an active class where students will learn fun dances to impress and entertain family and friends. Students will have a blast while getting their cardio on!

STEM Class 

This class allows students to explore, investigate and discover STEM subjects in a stimulating learning environment, away from the constraints of the classroom timetable or curriculum. Activities may involve practical experiments/projects, investigation, and discussion/reflection.

Physical Education

Aids students in developing physical skills and confidence. The class will help kids obtain and improve skills, such as running, catching, throwing, and striking, applicable to sports such as baseball, volleyball, or karate.