Elementary Friday Classes

Kindergarten-6th Grades



Students in grades K5-6th will have a weekly age appropriate art lesson.

Move It Dance Class

This is an active class where students will learn fun dances to impress and entertain family and friends. Students will have a blast while getting their cardio on!

STEM Class 

This class allows students to explore, investigate and discover STEM subjects in a stimulating learning environment, away from the constraints of the classroom timetable or curriculum. Activities may involve practical experiments/projects, investigation, and discussion/reflection.


Students will learn many skills in this class. These skills not only include singing, but also include how to perform, listen, and describe music. 


Spanish for grades K5 - 3rd consists of basic Spanish words, colors, and songs.                                                                                                   Spanish for grades 4th - 6th consists of basic Spanish words, phrases and simple sentences.

Physical Education